Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 1- The website is committed: Proved a protection for your personal data, by your accepted for the site's and applications privacy policy, you will allow us to collect, use and disclose your personal information only in accordance with the Privacy Policy and in a very limited manner. Knowing that your personal data will never be published or used to any party for a fee or without a fee. When creating a new account, registering a new user on the website or application of the Jawhara, we will ask for some information about the your personality, where the customer must complete owns data correctly to complete registration on the site or application. 2- What personal information do we collect: Your name, address, email, phone number, and some basic information. Bank account details in some transactions. 3- How do we use your information? We need to combine your information and data to know and understand your needs and so help us to provide better service for several reasons including: We use this information to communicate with you in the case of a problem. We use this information to send promotional offers through email. We use this information to communicate with you to find out how the experience of buying from the site? For the purpose of improving the site work. We use this information to send you anything new update on our website or app. We use your data to analyze the site's work through cookies. Shipping companies are provided with a copy of your contact information to deliver your purchases.